11 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

So that special day is approaching again eh? You are trying to think of something but you can’t settle on what he’d like and you don’t want to be outdone by him like last year? There is usually no such thing as the perfect partner but we can assure you, if you meet them on your anniversary with one of these presents in hand, you will be as close to perfection as it can probably get. No matter what kind of persona he has, one of these will be the gift for him!
1. Wallet Insert Aluminium Card by Hand Trades: A memory is the only thing which truly lasts forever, and with this present you choose to gift your man a memory. This Aluminium card from Hand Trades can be personalized with a message from you to him and dated on the day of your anniversary. It is the size of your average credit card and each letter is hand stamped onto it. The card has good finishing as it is sanded, polished giving it a unique look. Give him a memory and a few words to miss you by, every time he is away from you, he will want to open his wallet and look at this.
2. Genuine Leather Legends Journal: The kind of anniversary present that really lasts the test of time is the one which endears itself to the owner. This journal from RusticTown is made for those who have imagination and look for inspiration. If your man is the thoughtful kind, this should do the trick. It is made from thick durable leather with a total of 48 sheets which are painstakingly sewn by hand into the leather cover. It is the perfect little cove for a man to write down his stories and experiences. Who knows, he might give it back to you next year full of poems about you!
3. Genuine Leather Laptop Bag by RusticTown: For the classy and suave technology lover, this bag from RusticTown is as cool as it gets. A full sized leather satchel with a dedicated, padded compartment for laptops and has space for books and files, it makes for a utility anniversary gift. It has many useful spaces available and on top of that it is made from pure goatskin leather. If he is the kind who has a refined wardrobe you can help him complete his look. Whether he is on one of his business trips or just at work, every time he looks at this it will remind him of the loving and affectionate partner that he is lucky to have.
4.Personalized Camo Locking Knife in Tin Case: Are you a couple who goes on regular camping trips? He must love the outdoors then and what better way to celebrate your anniversary than to gift him something that will remind him of you even when he’s out camping. It comes in a custom box and is camouflaged which will help him to blend into his surroundings. This is something that will help him conquer all the challenges nature throws his way when he is away from home, just like you do by being at his side and this anniversary you can remind him of that.
5.Silver Plated Engraved Guitar Plectrum: Did you fall for him while he was playing the guitar and singing a song for you? If so, this could be the gift to get both of you to relive that moment in time. It is a small silver plated plectrum with the words “I’d pick you” engraved on them, you can add your partners name on it in the personalization section when you are ordering it. A plectrum is essential for a guitarist and you will ensure he strums every string with you in his heart by gifting him what we are sure will turn out to be his favourite plectrum.
6.Black-Tone Stainless Steel Carbon Fibre Cufflinks: The man who likes to look good sure loves a nice set of cufflinks to make him look dapper at all those events. Getting him a pair that will catch the eye is a good idea to get his attention on your special day together. This pair of cufflinks from the Amazon Collection is a looker, with black single sided squares which are ion-plated to ensure longevity and top notch finishing. The surface is stainless steel having a a texture of carbon fibre at its center. They come in a small classic box and you can get it gift wrapped too. We see no better way to mark him than having him wear something you gave him!
7.Dog Bone Metric Wrench by Craftsman: The utility of a wrench is very well known and the utility of the few people who can properly handle one is even more so. If your man is one of those who has a shed full of tools , maybe its time you gave him something to add to his passionate collection on the occasion of your anniversary. This instrument swivels on either side to offer the user eight different sizes of wrench to use. It is a real time saver when doing complex jobs. It is made from Cr-Mo Steel and it is triple chromium plated with a polished finish. You adding to his collection will definitely be remembered for a long time to come.
8. Manly Mans Meat and Snack Attack Gift Basket from Art of Appreciation: The ultimate gift for the foodie! This basket contains various goodies including carefully selected snacks with meaty flavours ranging from spicy to sweet. As they rightly say, the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach and this basket is sure to get you straight into his! The basket is crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, comes with a bow and contains everything from honey cured beef jerky and BBQ beef jerky to jelly belly sports beans! You can choose to include a personalized message with the basket too. This present will ensure he keeps thinking of you every time he is having a snack from the thoughtful basket you got him.
9. Message in a Bottle PROMISE: How about something which would make them sit down and think about you? A full sized 12-inch glass bottle filled with sand and seashells and encased in an elegant wooden box with a velum scroll containing your own message on it, yes that should do the trick. This gift comes to you from Message In a Bottle Inc. with an authenticity certificate. The scroll is a nice touch and it can be printed with your message even before it reaches you, so that you can hand it straight over. Your love for him in a bottle! What better way to commemorate your time together than something which will transcend time itself? It will look resplendent in your showcase for years to come.
10. Gunmetal Car Grille Spinner Ring by Inox: This ring is made for the auto enthusiast with its design mimicking that of a car grille, and if you know your husband to be a car buff, you know this is the gift for him. Made from high grade stainless steel , this trendy and contemporary piece will surely win you a lot of brownie points with him for being so intuitive about gifting. It is available in a number of sizes, so you can get the one which is just right for your man.
11. Playstation 4 Dust Cover by Foamy Lizard: If he is the gamer with a dislike for dust on his precious console, this is the way to his heart ! The Limited Edition Arctic white cover from Foamy lizard exclusively for the PS4. The PS4 is a gorgeous device but it doesn’t look so good with dust all over. The cover protects the console from dust and physical harm like scratches and the drink spill that happens every time you call friends over. It is made from soft yet tough material and even has ports out the back so that it doesn’t impede game play .Give him this present on your anniversary and watch him marvel at your thoughtfulness for his needs.

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