13 Anniversary Gifts For Her

The events which shape our lives often are the ones we celebrate. Anniversaries are important because we cherish our memories of the old times so much and celebrating them is super fun too! The hard part though as we all know is the gifting. Be it wife or girlfriend, no matter how many by years you’ve been dating or married (1st year, 2nd year or even 50 years!), and no matter how well you know her its always hard to decide on her gift. It’s natural because we don’t want to disappoint the people who matter the most with a so-so gift. We understand all that and this is why we have worked hard to come up with the best anniversary gift ideas for her. Whether she’s the corporate world beater or the gardener, we have something for them all right. Go on, discover that we’re not lying!

1. Wallet Insert Aluminium Card by Hand Trades: Its not all hard times in a relationship as some preach, instead we believe it is the hard times that define who you are and how you will be. It is how you hold your name together with grace and respect that counts more than anything else. Talking of names, how about you get your wife the perfect memory bearing her name to remind her that she is where she belongs. This card will hold your names together till the end of time as it is stainless steel and has gone through several processes to unearth its unique look. This one will be a gem in the rough.


2. Genuine Leather Legends Journal:  Writing about the events in one’s life is a deeply personal and emotional experience. It requires a certain comfort level with whatever object you are using to record your memoirs. Guaranteeing your wife or girlfriend that very comfort is this leather bound journal from Rustic Town. With its exquisite build quality and exceptionally luxurious setting, this will capture her heart. Soon enough, its 48 sheets will hold her deepest thoughts and the secrets of her soul. The thick durable leather will ensure that it is kept as a treasured possession till the end of your days together.


3. .Silver Plated Engraved Guitar Plectrum: Did you succumb to her charms while she was playing the guitar and humming a tune for you? Then you dear sir, are a lucky man or even woman. Assuming this is the case, this could turn out to be be the blessing to get both of you to get that feeling of de ja vu around again. This is a little silver plated plectrum with the words “I’d pick you” engraved on them, and you can include your wife’s  name in the personalization area when you can requesting for up to 32c characters to be put on it . A plectrum is fundamental for a guitarist and you will guarantee she strums each string with you on her mind. It makes for a sweet and beautiful gesture.


4. Flameless LED Candles: The low,slow light radiated by candles is all around satisfying and gives a feeling of unwinding. These Mooncandles are a wondrous sight, they come 3 in a set and can be controlled by theremote control that comes along. The main threat in a candle in any room is of the flames setting something ablaze, and an impediment is the restricted smoldering time. These candles dispose of both with no exposed flares and an aggregate shining time of 50,000 hours and there is even a clock choice for dates, so that you can choose to coordinate with them and set them to turn on just as you open the door to your bedroom. Get it for your wife and you can fake shock when she finally discovers this feature and sets up a candlelight date with automatic candles!



5. Wonder Woman Character Apron: The affection and thought wives throughout the world put into cooking for us all through the year is out and out wondrous. To supplement her abilities and commitment, get her this quirky ditty. It is a formally authorized item from the DC Comics collection of characters. It has Wonder Woman on the front. Give your wonder woman the chance to show off her skills in this pretty and cute apron. She’ll love cooking even more now!


6. Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set: Just the most perfect will do in case you’re hoping to awe her with a cuppa. In the event that she is a tea darling look no further  than this extraordinarily planned gift set from Numi’s. It contains 6 special and innovatively named mixed tea bags, from Dragon Lily  to Lavender Dream. Don’t imagine it any other way, this is no conventional sack of tea. As it sits in the teapot soaking, it will astound her with its change from tea to blooming flower like patterns. Aslso, another important point is that a solitary presentation can be utilized 2-3 times. There is a glass teapot included which is perfect to survey spectacle unfold before your eyes as you taste its striking and complex flavors. And as always, tea beyond any doubt does strike up a pleasant discussion..




7. . Art of Appreciation Gift Basket Because You’re So Special: This is one of those gifts which makes a lady grin the minute she unwraps it. A lovely hand crafted , bright box containing a collection of the best and choicest nibble and tea decisions, this is the thing that you ought to get her for her day off. It contains some of the  best treat and tea determinations accessible, and it s accompanied by  an adorable little bow on top of it. As always its not you that has to do all the hard thinking, since, the individuals at Art  of Appreciation  have done all the reasoning for you.



8. Boldloft Pillow Cover Set: We all wish to be told that we are loved by those for whom we have the deepest emotions. This is how this set of pillows from Boldloft comes to your rescue this anniversary. Its a simple and utility gift option that we suggest you try out at the earliest. When she wakes up in the morning with nothing else but these pillows around her, it will make her yearn for you. This makes for a great conversation starter too!

9. .  silver necklace inscribed languages pendant:

Technology has always been good to us. It gave us everything from the TV and the X box to this very necklace. You may be wondering why we group this piece into the same class as stalwarts like the X-Box and the TV, but you’ll understand the significance only when you’ve taken our advice and ordered this present. Using the technique of Nano scale printing, this necklace has “I love you” inscribed on it in 120 languages, that too in 24 kt gold. The purity of this Onyx stone pendant will help the purity of your love and intentions shine through to her. It can’t go wrong, it can only start the beginning of your forever.


10. Giant pink teddy bear with heart:

The young at heart have always wanted to be drawn into the past because it appeals to them more. This anniversary you can get her just what she needs and wants, with this giant pink teddy bear which is holding a heart. You can remind her of all the times that she’s been the reason for your smile and how her hands are holding your heart safe from the moment you fell in love with her. Bonus: Teddy bears are cuddly and when you’re not around for her to cuddle with, she’ll be reminded of you because you’re the one who gifted her this!


11. . Handcrafted golden rose: A rose is the universal symbol of love. It has been immortalized in various movies and also in literature. Pop culture worships it, and every lovelorn teenager wants to be able to live the scene from the movies with a rose. The only problem a rose has is that it doesn’t last forever. Its meant to be only for a while. We’ve found the solution to this problem. This anniversary gift her this handcrafted golden rose which will stand the test of time just like your love for each other has. She won’t be able too resist this, you are sure to get a reward for your diligence in gift picking!.


12. Couple Matching T-shirts:  Colour coordinating on an outing together screams “couple” but nothing can beat wearing T-shirts specifically mentioning your relationship with your significant other. With this set of t-shirts, you’re gifting her the opportunity to decide when and where to show off the bond that exists between you two. The t-shirts are pre shrunk and 100% cotton so no need to worry about the quality. Just put it on at her command and strut your strut in your “Husband” t shirt as she steals the show in her “wife” one.


13. .  What I love about you coupon set: It is very rare that we are able to tell our loved ones exactly what they mean to us. To help you start with this difficult task, the people at Knock Knock have come up with this fill-in slam book. It has helpful prompts to help you set the tone for exactly what you want to say and it asks all the right questions so that you can give all the correct answers.  It is these answers that will win her heart once again on the day of your anniversary. All you need to do is be honest about it and you’ve got this right under your belt.



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