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1. Masters in Online Business (MOB) – 69 ebooks package – How to Make N225,000 Monthly:
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2. How to Import Cheap Laptops and Other Goods from China
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3. Erectile Dysfunction Cure eBook
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37 comments on “All Ebooks from NG44
  1. emmanuel says:

    sir,pls educate me more on how to resell e books and to make money?also how can i use my facebook,timeline,chat to make money direct to my bank acct?thanks.

  2. shedrach augustine says:

    pls if i purchase your e book,can i read it with my nokia 205?.becouse i don’t have a computer now.thanks

    • NG44 says:

      If you are able to read other ebooks on your phone then you should be able to read ours. However, this program is best understood when you have regular access to a computer because most of the things that you will be learning may not work on a phone.

  3. Hapi says:

    For how many months will I read the book?

  4. Ifeoluwa says:

    Hallo NG44,

    Are you still in the Online Marketing Business? if so I will like to be your student…

  5. Longtong says:

    can i as a student who just finish secondary school apply for this business

  6. Feyi says:

    Do I neccessarily have to own a computer?, Can I use a tablet instead?

    • NG44 says:

      You can’t use a tablet for everything especially while setting it up but you can use it to monitor things after they are all set up. A computer makes things easier, especially the learning process. But you can start with a tablet