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1. Masters in Online Business (MOB) – 69 ebooks package – How to Make N225,000 Monthly:
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2. How to Import Cheap Laptops and Other Goods from China
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3. Erectile Dysfunction Cure eBook
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37 comments on “All Ebooks from NG44

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  2. Abraham says:

    I am an 0’level student with little website knowledge like html,xml,css,javascript. I am also trying in php,sql,e.t.c. I must not lie things are very hard 4me now and i need u to help me on how to make money online. I have experience about webhosting and domain names like .com,.org,.tk,e.t.c. I think i won’t have difficulty managing and building my website. Thanks.

    • NG44 says:

      The way we can help you is to join our program so that we give you the correct materials and answer your question. But we cant build the sites for you.

  3. emma says:

    can u please link me up with any online agency or company that recruits freelancer on a permanent basics. please i will be glad. you can reply through my email pls

  4. Ekaette says:

    Can I make money in my house? How

  5. WeTalkNaira says:

    Is it possible to have an outline of areas touched in the MOB handbook? I wish to sharpen my skills in online business ideas especially to monetize my poultry and fish farming blogs.

  6. Adeleke mark says:

    Can u connect me with one of ur staffs or a person dat have been did dis great thing b4. My facebook name is (Adeleke Pilot Mark). Thanks

    • NG44 says:

      You can call our customer care staff between the hours of 9 AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays on 0818 713 1717

  7. Benjamin says:

    Pls Sir, you talked about joining your program. So i wanna know, how do one join your program? Where is it located and so on.

    • NG44 says:

      The program we are referring to is the Master of Online Business Package of ebooks. It is an online mentoring program and there is no physical location, everything is done online. When you join the program, we give you our ebooks to read and provide guidance in our online forum. To learn more about this package and how to join, please visit

  8. abidemi says:

    helo, mr eromosele am so glad wen i saw ur adverstisement. I feel gud cos i see where i wil bcom rich. My question is dt aw wil u hepin mi in d sucess of dis business

    • NG44 says:

      Hello abidemi, may you become rich soon. You can download our free ebooks or join the course. Thats how we can help you.