About Us

We are different!

NG44 Consulting is a new age technology company based in Benin City, Nigeria. We invent intelligent and elegant ways of using new technology to improve the businesses and lifestyles of our many clients, partners and affiliates.

From government agencies and educational institutions to private corporations, our eco-friendly virtual office model is able to deliver best in class products and services in a timely manner over the Internet without the need for a face to face meeting. Irrespective of your physical location.

How We Work

NG44 Consulting is a futuristic and innovative company that has mastered the Internet. It is the first company in Nigeria where all the staff work from anywhere they like via a process known as telecommuting. At this time, the company runs a 100% virtual office and delivers most of its services over the Internet.

Our People

NG44 Consulting is made up of 4 full time staff members, 7 part time staff and hundreds of agents and affiliates around the world all working and collaborating over the Internet. The principal officers are:

Kan Dana
Chief Executive Officer

Aweriale Eromosele
Internet “Guru” 😀
Chief Operations Officer

Brian Amadin Esq
Barrister at Law
Core Investor and Legal Adviser

Anthony Areghan
Technology Lead


Past Clients


Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at NG44, we take our Social Responsibility very seriously. We love doing good to our fellow man and giving back to the community that made us. We also love giving thanks and praise to Jehovah Yahweh the Almighty God for giving us the ability to help others. Read more about the good we are doing…

Contact Us

Please call 0818 713 1717 (9AM to 5PM Nigeria Time, Monday to Friday) for questions and enquiries.


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