14 Gifts for Runners

Running is a passion for so many people around the world, they are the free-spirited and agile among us. They are the  people who are not afraid to test the endurance limits on their own body. The community of runners is widespread and contains people from all walks of life who like to run for various reasons, so while it can be difficult to choose gifts for one individually, a present related to running is bound to brighten him or her up. This list has been compiled in a manner such that only the best possible articles have ended up on here, and we warn you beforehand- it might make you want to buy them the whole list, or even worse, make you want to start running yourself! Read on at your own peril:


  1. Running, A Runners Journal – MINI Kraft Hard Cover: The journey of your life deserves to be marked out and written down for you to remember the best parts. Nobody else would do it justice, which is why we write our journals ourselves. This journal is the best companion for a runner’s life. It contains prompts for you to take ideas from. It is formatted in an easy to use and understand manner. Simply the fact that their life is thought of as worthy enough to be recorded will make you their favourite person, and this gift will make it to the gift of the season lists.

  1. Cushioned Tab Socks: A runner has several needs among which proper cushioning for the sole of the foot is somewhere near the top of the list. Running without proper support is basically asking for a disaster to happen. These socks have the Power Arch feature which is built to enhance foot bed support for each foot. It is a highly effective technique which is so revolutionary that its patent is pending. Its material has special iWick fibers which take away moisture to keep the foot dry and odour free. The high density cushioning makes this a great product and the thought behind it will make it an even better gift.

  1. Muscle Roller Stick: A good run is highly satisfying but the cramps it brings along with it sometimes is not welcome. This gift is perfect for two things- showing that you care and ensuring that the one you care for gets good treatment for their cramps. This can even be used to exercise his or her muscles before the start of their work out so that they don’t get muscle stiffness to begin with. It is a best selling product and has many satisfied reviewers who vouch for its effectiveness. It may also be used in general for problems with soreness and muscle stiffness. It is easy to use and has a 100% money back guarantee to back it up in case the customer is not satisfied with the purchase.


  1. You know you are a runner (Volume 1): This is an exclusive volume written down just for runners and their ilk. As evident by the title of this entry, this is a book which tells you exactly why you are a runner for life. It answers every question and has a light and entertaining perspective, which has been crafted by the expert language of Richard McChesney. The book has a number of hilarious illustrations made possible by the efforts of Brighty and Brock.



  1. Warrior Training Bracelet: A reminder of one’s most passionate activity is always welcome. Things like bracelets and dog tags make up an important part of who we are as people, it represents our identities. A runners identity should be rugged yet stylish and able to withstand the occasional tumble. This bracelet is perfect for every runner, no matter who they are. It features the poetic sentence “As I run, the universe is running with me”. It is an inspiring pieceof kit and is available in 5 sizes so that everyone can use it.

  1. Due North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball Green: The little things always make a difference. The Due North Rubz Massage Ball is one small thing which will make a huge difference for a runner. It is a very easy to use tool which gives relief from various aches in the foot and hands. It can be used anywhere, no matter where he is, the person you are gifting this to will be able to take it everywhere with him on his adventures and travels. Its effectiveness is evident by the number of positive reviews. You can buy this without worrying about anything else.


  1. The Runner’s Rule Book: Everything a Runner Needs to Know–And Then Some: We all remember the times in school when theory class was a sad time. People never understood what the big deal was, it seemed useless. Now for the exclusive use of your esteemed runner associate, we have unearthed a theory book that does make sense and is actually useful! The Runner’s Rule Book makes for an interesting and engaging read. Apart from the fact that it is the perfect gift for a runner, it is also helpful for somebody who is looking to get into the sport as it explains everything one needs to know in detail.





  1. Running Motivation Raptor Shirt Funny Dinosaur Tee from Crazy Dog: Motivation is the magic potion needed to push harder for that last hurdle and to want to break new ground. Running is something where people with low motivation do not last, however even they need a quick dose from time to time. This t-shirt from Crazy dog makes a good gift for the runners in need of a little motivation, it features a humorous take on the issue. It is slim fit and hence perfect for a runner, plus its pre shrunk ensuring it doesn’t loose its shape.


  1. Marathon Runner’s Gift – 26.2 Keychain : We are given to understand that for serious runners, reaching the hallowed mark of 26.2 km is like reaching heaven or experiencing nirvana. Celebrating an achievement is always a good way to honour and remember it. This tag features the number 26.2 in bold and the entire keychain attachment is made of solid bronze. There is no better way to show that you respect their achievement than to get them a gift that will remind them of its magnitude every time they open a door. You can also have a personal message engraved onto the piece later on.


  1. Race Care Package by Kali’s Running Club: The Race care package from kali’s Running Club is a compilation of essential components for the over all care of a runner. It contains a headband, special sun block, safety pins, special hydrating fruits, a chocolate bar for instant energy, salted peanuts, a couple of band aids,,  mylar blanket, packs of Advil, skin wipes, balm and other necessary articles for the up keep of a runner.  Even though it might seem gibberish to you, the items listed above are very useful for a runner and the gift wil be highly appreciated.




  1. CafePress Peace Love Run Runner Tote Bag : Even though running is an identity, its not the single most important facet of a girls life. For the lady who is crazy about running, fashion might be just as important for all you know. If you know someone in this mould, have we got THE gift for you or what! This tote bag from CafePress is made for the runner who loves to show off her identity in a stylish way. It is full size and has reinforced handles. The graphic on top is a real show stealer, making it stylish and trendy. The fact that it is made of natural canvas will heighten its appeal to an outdoors loving person.


  1. Shoe ID Tags: Shoe ID tags are an important part of a runners outfits. They contain important contact information and also medical information about the shoe owner which makes it easy for people to get them better treatment in case of some untoward incident while out. It provides first responders with the info they need to decide on the steps to be taken. This particular sample is made of stainless steel and fits different shoelaces. They can be personalised with up to 20 characters of text. You can show you truly acre, and you might even end up on their shoe laces as emergency contact!

  1. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Running: Sunglasses are an essential part of the running experience for those whose chosen time for the activity falls in the sunny part of the day. These sunglasses from Duduma make for a perfect gift for such a person. They have UV400 Protection coating and feature shatterproof polycarbonate lens. Even the frame is made for bending possibilities with Shatterproof Flexible TR90 being used for it. They carry a lifetime breakage warranty on both the frame and the lens, thus bringing with them the promise of quality.

  1. Hydration Pack: Remaining hydrated is important during and after a run. This makes bottles and the like a necessity for runners everywhere. You can get your runner friend something different with this 1.5 Liter Hydration Pack. The Camden Gear Hydration Pack Gives you 50 Oz worth of hydration fluids within a leak proof container. It fits women and men with a long variation of chest sizes. It is easily cleaned with warm water and the fabric used for the chest strap is breathable ensuring that you remain comfortable on your runs. It even contains three extra pockets so that important things are not left behind. A runner could not dream of a better gift than this one.


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