12 Unique Personalised Gifts For Him

If you’ve ever tried gifting people something that has been made specially for them then you’ll know that the personal touch makes all the difference in the world. The personal touch is what distinguishes a great gift from a good gift. If you have a friend, colleague, brother, boyfriend or any man who you think deserves to get a gift that has been made just for him then scroll down this list. We guarantee that you will find the best and most unique gifting ideas possible here, and if not a certain gift, then you will leave this page with at least a general idea of what you want in mind. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down already!

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1. Personalized Gifts – RECTANGULAR KEYRING : A key ring is a particularly useful for people who are prone to leaving keys around and then forgetting about the. In the age of automatic locking systems, this is indeed a big problems. If you’re looking to gift an absent minded bloke, then this may be the best option that you have. And in case he forget s the key ring itself someplace, the initials on it will save him. We know you never thought of a simple key ring this way, but the personal touch just is that powerful.

2. Personalized Engraved Silver Pen and Box Set- Ideal Present for Him: The love of writing and artistry is a great gift. The art of fine writing has been lost to the ages since we managed to invent key boards and type writers before them, but the real man still loves to use his own personal instrument. The best present for such  man will be this pen and box gift set. The personal touch on this gift is unmistakably classy and will make for many a conversation starter. You won’t have to worry about whether he likes it or not, we guarantee he will.

3. Personalized Leatherette Business Card Case – Free Engraving: In the age of socialization, the humble business card has taken a back seat to professional social networking sites such as linked in and their ilk, but it still holds a certain value when given to somebody. The seniority and class of a professional is revealed by the location his cards come from. Get him this beautiful and personalized leatherette business card case and allow him to truly be the first among his equals. The case can be personalized with initials and to insert the initials, you have to contact the seller after the item is in your cart.

4. Newlywed Christmas Ornament Lovebirds Personalized Heart Tree Trunk Design: In the old days people used to engrave their names inside hearts with their beloved’s name to show that they were truly two bodies and one soul. That practise has now been outlawed, what with all the nature lovers and their tree loving souls around. However you can still get the old school feel with this piece. It is a piece of wood on which you have a beautiful sketch etched, and you can get two names and a date engraved along side it. This might be the greatest thing to start your relationship with, it will make every anniversary special.

5. Personalized Engraved Silver Plated Plectrum, Guitar Pick : The sounds of a guitar are one of the most soothing tones you will ever hear anywhere. The guitar players are a special class of people who make music in the softest an d most unique ways possible. If you know somebody who is a guitarist and want to get them a present, this might as well have been made for you. It is a plectrum plated with silver and engraved with personalized initials. It doesn’t get any better than this.

6. Personalized Men’s Toiletry Bag by Exclusively Weddings: All the things your man needs to keep himself looking at his best doesn’t come in a jacket pocket. This men’s toiletry bag is perfect for those who travel a lot and need to carry their things along with them. It can be personalized with up to 3 initials and is great for those carrying a lot of toiletries around. Now the hassle is no more!

7. Wedding Gift Plus WGP001 Personalized Wedding Signature Guestbook Tree Poster: A personalized wedding gift goes a long way in sealing your lifelong relations with the couple who is getting married. If its your best bud going through the process we suggest you get them this personalized wedding signature guest book. It has 150 leaves and makes for a lovely keep sake to take home after every ceremony is over and the guests have left. It also includes one 20 inch by 30 inch poster and an instruction card. It is printed on a special kind of archival matte paper so that the print does not fade from your treasured memories. This offers a number of customizations including colour, font and message.
with 150 Leaves, 20 by 30-Inch


8. Plush Microfiber Burgundy Full Monogrammed Bathrobes:  A bathrobe is a very personal item and hence it is logical to suggest that ownership over a bathrobe must be exclusive to one person. Its even better if the article has the owners name on it right? That is why we have brought you this gift suggestion. This robe is made of 100 percent microfiber polyester fabric. The best part is that it can be monogrammed and made exclusive for just one person. This is one of the best personalized gifts for him.



9. Cigarette Case with Built-in Lighter Stainless Steel : Although smoking isn’t something you may condone, you could still get your favourite guy this exquisitely styled stainless steel cigarette case with a built in lighter. The days of matchsticks are gone, the cigarette case speaks of pure class. The best part about it is that the case can be personalized with up to 3 lines and 30 characters per line. You get all this and we can see a new favourite on top of his list.


10.One Personalized Engraved Folding Cigar Case & Cigar Cutter : The Cubans that he smokes all day speak of a well endowed heritage and a load of class, you can only add to it by getting him this personalized cgar case and cutter. He might already have one of them around somewhere but we are sure that this one will mean much more to him. The magnetic leather panel keeps your cigars safe and the snap lock mechanism makes for a good gift.

11. Personalized Men’s Wallet: The great secrets that are stored in a wallet gather dust for years till wallets are changed. It is the store house for so much that it has an identity attached to it. Your man can be made to feel like the wallet was made for him by personalizing it. This wallet is embossed with initials that you can choose to be that of your man and it will serve as a unique identification that he carries everywhere. The individualistic man is bound to love this gift and evenmore so the thought behind it.


12. Wallet Insert Aluminium Card by Hand Trades: The best presents are those which make for good memories. And a good memory always lasts forever. Why not get your man a reminder of who he is  and where he belongs? This Aluminium card from Hand Trades does just that. Its dimensions are such that it can fit into any wallet. It is made of pure aluminium so that it is sturdy. It goes through a long list of finishing processes such as sanding, polishing etc. With just a few words, you can remind him of who he is and inspire him to continue with his day. It doesn’t even matter what he’s doing, this will always cheer him up.


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