Custom Domain

What is a Blogger / Blogspot Custom Domain?

It is a method of using a paid domain to replace the in the free blogger blog. So instead of your blog bearing a name like, getting a custom domain means your site address can be configured to be something like (provided the name is still available)

Why do you need a custom domain for your blogger blog?

Makes your website more professional and with an easier and more memorable name

How can you get a custom domain?

We can help you configure your blogspot blog to remove the


We charge N20,000 to setup blogger custom domain and register a domain name for you free for one year

After this, you must renew your domain yearly with N12,000. Hosting on Blogger remains free.


For questions and enquiries please call customer service on 0818 713 1717 (9AM to 5PM, Mondays to Fridays)

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27 comments on “Custom Domain
  1. tobby says:

    pls just wanted to be clarified on this question, are you the one that is going to directly provide the domain or you are just an intermediary(link) ? I want to have my own domain..thats y am asking…looking forward to your response..thnks

  2. larry says:

    Am really interested in all of this , presently i operate a cafe and i will like to be a part of all this stuff you have being talking about ,pls how do i go about it

  3. chuka Kentelly perseus says:

    which account do i pay into to get my custom domain built

    • Admin says:

      Please text your request to 0818 713 1717 and we’ll send you the account or call 0818 713 1717 (9 AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays)

  4. chuka Kentelly perseus says:

    can u help me restructure my site it seems i got some things from the e book wrong or i didnt rilly understand them we can negotiate on the cost please

    • Admin says:

      Hello Chuka,
      We told you before that this website is not the correct place to ask support questions for our ebooks. You are not supposed to contact us regarding support for the 225k ebook through this website or else your comment will be deleted and not answered.

      When next you need to contact us about support with the 225K ebook please call 0818 713 1717 (9 AM to 6PM Mon to Sat).

  5. OgbongeBlog says:

    Apart from adding professionalism to your blog, getting a custom domain makes you to get committed to your blog because you have invested money into it. More so, if you leave blogger, the stats of your domain name will still follow you irrespective of the new host you point the domain name to.

  6. mike says:

    Can i blog from a static website like mine? I would really love to be blogging to bring latest deals to my customers. please let me have your take on this.

  7. shelly joseph says:

    i dont understand your e-book

    • NG44 says:

      What part don’t you understand? Please call support btw 9 AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays on 08187131717 to discuss your challenges