Order for Facebook Adverts in Naira

How to Order For Facebook Adverts – Pay in Naira
No need for credit card, pay in naira into our Nigerian bank account and we will help you place the advert. We’re the cheapest and most experienced in Nigeria. The fee we charge for Facebook adverts is based on Reach which is the number of people that your advert will be shown to.

The figures for Reach in the list below are the minimum estimates. We guarantee that at least the specified number of people will see your advert. Note that out of this number, only a small percentage will eventually click on the advert.


Cost: N25,000 (Twenty Five thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 30,000+  People

Cost: N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 70,000+  People

Cost: N90,000 (Ninety thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 140,000+  People

Cost: N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed + Sidebar (optional)
Reach: 300,000+  People

For greater reach please call our customer service within the specified times using the phone numbers at the end of this post.



The ordering process is done in four steps

Step 1: Pick a plan

Go through the four plans listed A to D above and pick one based on your needs and your budget. Check the cost and get the payment ready. Note: all payments are non-refundable.


STEP 2. Pay by deposit or Transfer into our Bank Account Below:

Bank: GTBank
Account Number: 0131 879 479


STEP 3. Send us the Payment Details via email
Send the following details below via email to fbads @ ng44.com

Facebook Ads Request Email
– Depositor Name:
– Amount Paid:
– Plan paid for:
– Date Paid:
– Branch Paid:
– Your Phone Number:
– Your web page address (where people who click will be taken to):
– Target states or nationwide?:
– If targeting states, list the states to target:
– Any other Instructions for Us:


Step 4: Text Us
Send a text message to 08187131717 with the word FBADS and your email address e.g FBADS [email protected]

WARNING: If you need to call us, please call the customer service number from 9 AM – 5PM, Mondays – Fridays on 0818 713 1717


After These Steps, What Next?

It takes up to 4 working days for us to setup and optimize your advert before it starts running. When it starts running, you will be sent a text message or email notification (or both). If no word from us after 4 days please call customer service to complain.


Frequently Asked Questions

I placed an advert but I did not see it while logged on to Facebook, why?
As of today, there are more than 5000 Nigerian adverts currently active on Facebook yet only few can be shown to a user at any given time thus the probability that you will see your advert while logged in is 1 in 300. Facebook uses a very complex algorithm to determine which adverts are shown to a user at a particular time therefore, there is a strong likelihood that you will not see your advert while on Facebook.

How do I track my advert performance by myself?
The only way to track your advert clicks by yourself is to install a tracking code on your website or page. With a tracking code, you will be able to monitor how many clicks are coming from facebook. If you do not already have tracking installed, contact your webmaster to set it up for you. There are some free online tracking services like statcounter.com or supercounters.com.

Got More Questions?

Call our Customer Service from 9 AM – 5PM, Mondays – Fridays (Call 0818 713 1717)

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46 comments on “Order for Facebook Adverts in Naira
  1. Solomon Esumai says:

    I want to be a part of ur programme, lead on online business.

  2. please i want to know how to do online business i am ready to gey started…

  3. luckyeto says:

    good guy go friends

  4. kike says:

    Pls I want to advertise my product to private schools and higher institution in Nigeria for a month.pls what is the cost of Facebook advert for did period.thanjs

  5. You guys are offering a great service here. Can you create a standard FB page for my static website instead of a landing page as a first gateway before reaching my website or is it advisable to direct traffic straight to my site if I do a Plan A Facebook advert through your company?

    • NG44 says:

      It depends on what you are advertising. But if you need us to create a facebook page in addition then that would incur extra costs. Please call our customer service for further discussion.

    • NG44 says:

      Thank you for your appreciation sir. We can do a FB page but that would cost extra N10,000. As for which one is advisable, it is difficult to predict as there are many factors affecting it. Usually you have to try it out and do some experimentation before you can know what works best

  6. Prepaid Card says:

    I will like to advertise my product to the Nigeria higher institutions for six months concurrently on your website and a a facebook advert, please what will be the cost for this?

    • NG44 says:


      Thank you for your interest in our services.

      Advertising on our website costs N10,000 a week or N40,000 per month. For six months, that amounts to N240,000. This qualifies you for a reduction of N40,000 when you pay at once. That is, if you pay once, you pay N200,000 instead of N240,000.

      Regarding the facebook adverts, we offer various plans billed weekly depending on how many people you want to reach. To get the complete price list for facebook adverts, please see the following link: http://ng44.com/fbads

  7. odoh charles says:

    best way is always the best way

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